My flash fiction story “Run Like You’re on Fire” is out today on Bewildering Stories. Go check it out:

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Wake up. Keep quiet even though you want to scream. Don’t open your mouth. Don’t alert anyone that you’re still alive. Breathe through your nose. Take a long, deep breath, smelling the burning oil across the asphalt and the rolling sting of ash in the air.

And here’s their summary and commentary on the story:

Run Like You’re on Fire” takes a second-person point of view. Probably the best-known previous example comes from the school of the nouveau roman: Michel Butor’s novel La Modification. J. Daniel’s story differs somewhat in that all the main verbs are in the imperative mood. Readers may be somewhat perplexed by the context: is “you” a pyromaniac, pyrokinetic, or a terrorist? Whatever one concludes, the result is an interesting exercise in a rarely used form.

Bewildering Stories is a great weekly compilation of new speculative fiction. They’re at issue 575 and have seen both new and acclaimed writers publishing on their page. Definitely a story site to return to week after week!